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The HollyOaks Collection of Christmas Ornaments from our custom watercolors by Candace Brodmann. This set of 6 ornaments includes the Manor House CUSTOMIZABLE ornament. We will customize at no additional cost (a $7.00 value!) Order by November 30th to receive in time for the holidays!

If you already own the Manor House ornament, complete your set with the remaining 5 ornaments at $15 each (sold only as a set of 5 for a total of $75)


Crafted from ceramic, the ornament has a traditional design with detailed watercolor accents to give it a unique and timeless touch. It's the perfect way to add a bit of cheer to your holiday season.



  • Porcelain Ornament tied with our signature striped ribbon and measures approximately 3.75" x 2.45".

How are they printed?
It's magic basically, but if you want the scientific answer...
The process is called Dye Sublimation. Artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto apparel or housewares using heat and pressure. Heat converts the solid dye particles into a gas — known as sublimation — and bonds them to the surface.

Christmas Ornaments - Full Set of 6

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