Meet Our Team

The team at HollyOaks on the Marsh is dedicated to helping our clients realize their unique and personal vision for their wedding or events. A Signature Destination like HollyOaks offers an elevated, high-end touch to every function. We are a backdrop to the festivities, yet we set the ambience for every detail.

Creating these elegant surroundings is our job. We take it very seriously.

We are in the business of creating experiences that you and your guests will want to remember forever.

And we believe that begins with a magical place to make your dream come alive.



/p(r)əˈprīədər/ a person who owns

a business establishment

Jay is the land holder, the owner,

and the officer. His hands-on approach keeps him involved from the big picture to the building projects. His motto:

If we build it, they will come.



/ˈviZHəˌnerē/a person with original ideas in planning the future with imagination or wisdom

Stephanie is the dreamer,

the designer, and the director.

She has worked in event coordination for over 25 years, and she will be the one who helps you dream big and, better yet, make it happen.



/känˈsyerZH/ a person who assists clients with arrangements and handles details.

Katherine is a doer, a thinker, 

and a detail keeper.

She is knowledgeable, bright, and creative, not to mention a fierce component behind the scenes.

She keeps us organized and focused on our goals.



/ˈkraf(t)smən/ a person who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially in the manual arts

Jacob is the artist, the industrious designer, and the maker.

He can visualize it, build it, and make it work. An artisan in every sense of the word.

His motto: If I build it, it will last.



/ˈriNGˌmastər/ a supervisor or moderator

especially of a performance or presentation

When he is not on the golf course, Russ is managing the greens at HollyOaks. He loves being outside and on the tractor. He is quick with a joke and a smile, and juggles his responsibilities with finesse.