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Images: Ashlyn Cathey Photography (Knoxville, TN)

Planner: Unearthed Designs (Savannah, GA)

Megan & Neal 
Savannah, Georgia

Megan + Neal love their friends and they love to celebrate with them! Their love for one another is evident every time they even capture a glance. Truly the sweetest couple! With 15 bridesmaids and 15 groomsmen, Megan and Neal had the largest wedding party yet at HollyOaks. There were seven Miss Georgia candidates in the bridal party! The ladies had hair and makeup done in the Creek House Cottage where there was room for everyone to relax. With almost 250 guests, they celebrated with a fun, creative menu, a fantastic DJ who kept the dance tunes going, and a show-stopping exit on our golf cart straight to the cottage where they spent their honeymoon night.

We know you will enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed this event! 

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