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Images: Leslie Leach (Bluffton, South Carolina)

Planner: Kelli Corn Weddings (Bluffton, South Carolina)

Mandy & David 
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

"A hot air balloon?" they asked with a bit of hopeful hesitancy. "Let's do it!" I exclaimed.

We love fresh and unique ideas for events, and Mandy and David reveled in anything unique and fun!


It's a BIG deal when one of the nation's top crime podcast / investigative journalists reach out to chat about their wedding. It's no surprise that Mandy and David needed privacy and security, in addition to beauty. We were already avid fans, so when they visited for their tour, I may have fan-girled a bit. We soon discovered we were a perfect fit for their vision of fun with a bit of a carnival atmosphere. 

They hired the impeccable talents of Kelli Corn, and together this crew created a unique weddings with surprises galore! In shades of blue and cream, this Low Country wedding had all the elements of elegance.


David and Mandy are true inside and out. They love big, and they are going places...and THAT is a BIG deal.

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