Mixology Experience from "Shaken& Stirred Mixology"

Mixology Experience from "Shaken& Stirred Mixology"

Master Mixologist Brendan Torpey has 16 years in the food and beverage industry. During this time, he has helmed some of the best beverage programs for hotels, restaurants, cocktail lounges, whiskey rooms, and tap houses. He uses fresh and local ingredients to craft new, insprired creations or reimagine forgotten classics. It is his fiery passion to be the best and his exuberance for guest satisfaction that has led him to his latest project, Shaken & Stirred Mixology -- a full-service beverage catering company that specializes in mixing intensely delicious drinks for any event. Additionally, Brendan offers mixology classes -- a fun way to learn to craft varied drinks fin your own home. 

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